Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Supremely ironic, that's what racism is. In fact, I could walk into an all brown community and get beaten up because I'm white and supposedly trespassing on their turf. But if a brown or asian person walked into an all white community and got beaten up because he/she was "coloured"; those people could be taken to court for racial discrimination. I get more flak because I'm white than any of my friends get for being brown or asian. And they're the ones giving most of the flak. Excusing idiotic or rude behavior on their skin colour. There's always the underlaying feeling that I am somehow lower or lesser than or just plain not as cool as they are by virtue of the fact that I couldn't control my skin colour. If I could go back and choose the colour skin I was born with, based on what I've learned so far about this world, chances are it wouldn't be white. I'm not saying all brown/asian people are like that; many aren't. But the few that I have met, befriended or spent time with are mostly of that mind set.

I know there are many countries where racism is alive and well and very dangerous, but North America has become so scared of offending anybody that white people have become portrayed as the stupid, nonathletic, evil capitalist pigs of todays society who can't do anything as well as a black/latino/middle eastern/asian person could. There are many different points of view on this subject, and I would love to hear some of them so leave a comment.