Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So i've found several fbook groups advocating "pro-choice" and "pro-abortion" stuff, personally I am definitely pro-life. Abortions are wrong, they should only be performed if the life of the mother is in grave danger or if the mother was a rape/incest victim.
Otherwise; you did have a choice, you chose to get into bed. Knowing full well that contraceptives are NOT 100% effective and there is still a chance of getting pregnant. If you weren't fully educated then what the hell were you doing having sex?
Women do have the choice, they can choose not to have sex until they are ready and willing to become a parent; why? Because you can get pregnant no matter how many precautions you take; its just the way life works. You get all freaked out because the government doesn't support your right to take the easy way out, gee that makes sense.

You can fight for the freedom to make your own decisions, I'm fighting for your right to take responsibility for them.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red Letter News Day

Holy cow!

Somali Pirates hijack a Ukrainian freighter
Omg pirates with tanks! Thats fantastic... Obviously not particularly good for the dudes on the freighter though...

and there's more

Hurricane Kyle coming to Canada.
Dude, when was the last time Canada got a hurricane? More than 20 years ago! Its been awhile at the very least.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So I guess I've realized that even though things aren't really going the way I'd hoped they would; I've just got to get over it. I need to focus on God, finishing senior year, getting my license, prepping for Costa Rica and a good job before uni. Pretty much in that order too.
I'm not letting myself get distracted by silly things that are out of my control like whether or not you even care anymore or why you won't talk to me. I can't let myself get caught up in that game again, I had the time on my hands before but I really don't right now.
Yes. Some things you do actually succeed. You wanted to go to school: you're there. You wanted to learn about the stuff you like doing: this is it. You wanted to succeed at school: you feel like you're faking it but its working. Everybody fakes it, if they're not faking they're arrogant and they're going to fail. You want a girl: she's going to come. God will bring her. You wanted to be closer to God: you're doing it, you're ridding yourself of distractions. I can't tell you anymore than that, I'm proud of you but obviously I can't really be a part of your life right now. That's okay. I need to focus on other stuff too.

I'm getting really excited for University, I think I want to go to Ottawa. Its just what I feel right now, so goodness knows that'll change again. But I think I want to go. U of Ottawa more specifically. I'll go to Carleton if they'll have me but I've fallen in love with UofO...

Woot, just finished watching Vantage Point; awesome movie! It was really cool, kind of like Macbeth in that nearly everyone dies but some of the good guys don't lol! Anywho, gotta go to bed. Night all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

WHAT THE HECK?????????

Now its both of them? What is this about!? What could I have possibly done to warrant this?! This is absolutely RETARDED. You are both so freaking juvenile, get lives and get off your high horses. Yes I know you both think you're better/faster/smarter/cooler/more experienced than the rest of the world but just a little FYI: you're both so unbelievably ignorant its actually laughable.

Go find somewhere new to be annoying and pathetic, we're done with you now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead!

Well, just Rosencrantz... Guildenstern is fine...
Its sad though, I've had those fish for two years now... and Rosie died...
I'm kind of sad now. Not like break down and have a sobfest sad (I've never been the undyingly devoted pet person) but sad nonetheless.
Maybe he went to fish heaven...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1 am

Dude I so need a life that way I can actually be tired when 1 am rolls around and need to go to bed. Seriously... I am not even tired. Not a little, eensy weensy bit.
This blows.

Ah well, talk to yàll later!

Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings

I dunno... its such a hopeful song... Like there's something to look forward to at the end of the tunnel.
"Run baby run, don't ever look back. They'll tear us apart if you give them the chance
Run baby run, whatever will be. You and me, forever"

Its like an all or nothing, you and me against the world kind of thing. I love songs like this for some reason...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

alto soprano tenor bass friggin tone recognition

So i had my placement test for choir today... My tone recognition sucks but the sound was good so i think I did alright.

And i love my dance group, we're all pretty strong dancers and we got some choreography done today so that was good.

Work was alright today, i made a tip but I can't remember where i put it lol... It helps when you hold on to those...

Life is good. School is good. Work is good. I'm a happy camper...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

egyptian boy

ahahahahahaha this is awesome stupidly funny. The laptop bit is the best, wait for that.

i got new shoes too!!!

creator - santogold

fun song.

woot i love Tea! Its just one of life's elixirs. Coffee = blech. Tea = <3

Friday, September 12, 2008

dis be silly

Ugh! Why do I care so much?! What did I do?! Where did I go wrong?! Who do you think you are?! When is this stupidity going to end?! (dude i got all 5 W's in! Thats talent right there)

I am dead serious. What gives you the right to treat people like that? Its ridiculous. I. Hate. It. I hate myself for putting up with it. I hate that I'm so insecure that I won't just say "screw you, come back when you know how to treat another human being" because I'm worried that you won't come back. What did I do to push you away? Why are you pushing me away now? I don't understand... and the sad part is. You'll probly know this is about you if you read it. And you either won't care or will be mildly disturbed at how deeply I feel about this.

No, I'm not getting overly attached; for the other people who will read this. In fact, I think I've been okay and not getting freakishly attached... rejection stings though.

Anyways, gots to go. Love you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

imagining a future with whirled peas

So i've been thinking a lot lately (again, never a good sign) and I've realized that... while there are a few people that I do trust, i don't really have a bona fide venterator*. i have people that would like it if I told them all that stuff but I don't necessarily want to and I have people that I want to tell but who could care less. And yes, this is in fact a pity party table for one but this is my blog so if you don't like it: go away :p

lol anyways, I'm meeting with the uber-cool, super-conservative, very good to know if I'm planning to do anything with politics guy on thursday next week which is very anticipatory-feelings-inducing.

So my aunt told me about this blog and I actually really like it. She reminds me of me (minus the witty repartee cuz I'm not so good at that typing) in that she actually types out all the weird, conglomerated, wacked out stuff going through her head despite the fact that it takes several random twists and turns and flat out snooty-whippers and it comes out pretty funny. To me at least, but i have a pretty freaky sense of humour (gee thanks mom and dad :P)
Whereas I usually just take the scenic route of my thoughts, you know; sans potholes and u-turns and other not-so-pleasant driving experiences. Rather than subject my few and faithful readers to the true gore that is the inner workings of my head.

Lol that was waaaaaay longer than I originally out for it to be but hey, once you get a good thought, or at least one that might possibly be worth pursuing you just gotta go with it.


*person that i can comfortably vent to with minimal "um okay..." moments where I feel terrible that I dared to mention my personal life hoping that this person might care*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

burning discs

there aren't words to describe how much I hate my computer right now. and subsequently my dance teacher.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

so... just shooting in the dark here

Because you've been pretty distant lately, I'm going to assume that either you're done talking to me for now or you're still in your "distant from everyone cuz I'm figuring out my life" phase. At any rate, keep me posted lol.

Work was fabulous, JJ ran out and bought us Arby's and I made tips and it was fun. I love working there.

I'm sick. Of course. That's just perfect. Blech. i feel like death warmed up.

And I'm thinking of moving my bedroom to the basement cuz... its bigger. And colder. And funner lol. Anywho, gots to go.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

just dance

woot found a ride (thank goodness). Its gonna be fun!!

So futuristic stuff: take a year off to work then go to uni. Only problems with that are A: where do i work for that year (full time) and B: where do i go to uni after that? I know what program I'm going to study and whatnot but I've got to decide where I want to go. There's 4 universities that i'm going to apply to but I guess its just whichever one accepts me that I go to...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

death race

saw it. funny. gory (a bit). profane. gross. awesome. hilarious. gotta love it.

It was fun, before that we did worship practice, that was awesome! I learned some new songs and loved every minute of it. It was fun.

Soooo I have no idea how the heck I'm getting to work on sunday... I need a ride from the church picnic to work for 5:30... good luck with that sparky. Its not going to work very well. Ah well I'll figure it out later.

So yeah, liking school, my legs REALLY hurt from dance though. i guess I should stretch (a lot) over Christmas break so i don't have to go through this again cuz its just silly. My ligaments and hamstrings feel like they're going to fall off and shrivel up. its painful.

i've decided not to text in class at all anymore. Between classes, before and after school, lunch: that's fine. But in class? Not anymore.

Anyways, i gotta go to bed. its late and I'm sleepy.
Talk to y'all later

Thursday, September 04, 2008

grad rings

They're so pretty, and freaking expensive too lol.
But i'm really liking some of them, I'm actually quite excited.

So yeah, thinking about the future (dun dun duuuuunnnnnn) which is always fun. Procrastinating a little but I already know where i want to apply and what I want to apply for. I just gotta figure out if uni right after (or at least a year after) grad is the option I want. Its difficult...

So yeah.. I'm seeing the guy i like at school everyday again. which is cool. and stupid. and annoying... I love being young and silly. its awesome.

Got into a fight with a good friend the other day. That kind of sucked... There's a lot going through my mind right now... but i can't really write about it cuz other people read this lol.

It feels like there's something missing with the grad class gone... They were just awesome at everything and it feels like really big shoes to try and fill...

So I'm bored... really bored. i finished the book i was reading today... Which sucks cuz now I have nothing to read.

I'm excited for the election to be called, i want to volunteer for a running MP so i can see what a real campaign is like. That'd be awesome.

People will really surprise you if you pay attention. Its interesting...

Anywho, I'll stop boring you guys. TTYL!