Sunday, April 04, 2010

Litra-ture *said in snobby accent*

Wow, I've been thinking a lot about books lately and reading books and lots of stuff pertaining to books. I LOVE reading, I LOVE books, I LOVE well written books. They just make me happy! The way some people feel about their cat I feel about my books! I have my own full-size bookcase in my room just to house all the books I call my own!

So I've stumbled across a few problems; the first of which being that if and when I do have children (be they the fruit of my own loins or someone else's), I will not know if they love reading until 5ish... give or take a year or two. At that point they will be WAY too old to abandon! I'll have a firmly established attachment to them and they will be all the harder to dump on an orphanage/church's doorstep with a note!
Another problem, I will likely have accumulated such a vast collection of books by that point that bringing children into my home will be downright dangerous. They could be crushed by a falling bookcase or develop spinal injuries by sleeping on stacks of books because I have no room for their bed! How awful of a mother would I look if that happened?! Pretty freaking awful.
Furthermore, my children will have no time for formal education because they will be too busy reading all the books I read and loved when I was their age and therefore feel that they should read and love. Which means I'll have to homeschool them. Now my abundance of books will help at that point in teaching my children but with my having to buy more books to supplement their learning and NOT growing into PONTIs will just exacerbate the problem of it being a treacherous environment for a child!

So after careful weighing of the pros and cons, I've decided children will demand FAR too much of me and therefore should be avoided at all costs. Sorry imaginary rugrats, we had a good run but my professed adoration of the written word will trump you.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

You're SOL sparky

I really can't work up a lot of emotion for this guy's death. Eugene Terreblanche? A white-supremacist? Bahahaha love the name. For those with no knowledge of the French language, Terreblanche roughly translates to "white land" or "white earth". I stand amoosed. ;)

I actually had to stifle a snigger at his proposal to create 3 all-white republics in South Africa where blacks are allowed only as guest workers. What are you going to do, have a little piece of cardstock painted the darkest shade of white you'll allow and hold that up to the face of all potential inhabitants? What about the people who have a black parent but by some recessive genetics still look white? How far back are you going to look at lineage in order to determine "how white" someone is? One generation? Two? Three?
The problem with racial profiling like that is you can't make policies around it. Pigments are subjective. I look whiter than most white people simply because I am Nordic in descent. Does that make my friend of Slavic descent less white?
The concept of racism is SO lost on me. Discriminate against someone based on their politics or their favourite baseball team or their car. Don't discriminate based on something as silly as skin colour; genetically predetermined and unchangeable from conception.
People are such colossal ignoramuses sometimes!
I get that way back when people thought your skin was black because you'd sinned or something and if you were good enough God would change you back to white. But we know better now! Science has proven that NO one can control what skin colour they are unless they pull a Michael Jackson! DUH.
Judge someone on something they are actually responsible, not something contrived that they had no hand in. Honestly... *skakes head*


He said it himself!

His mind is boggled! Therefore he is not to be trusted.

"The mind, it boggles." Is just SUCH a funny phrase to me :) I giggle every time I read it! I's amoosed.

So... I'm not sure what I think of Ann Coulter right now. Obviously I like her more than all the other Liberal pundits/authors/talk show hosts/tv shows/celebrities/politicians in respect to her views. But I can't say as I agree in her racist attitude towards the Middle East, I would HATE to be stereotyped along with the Catholic priests molesting people or the KKK being all white-supremacy-ey because they are not an accurate representation of my beliefs and the radicals are not an accurate representation of joe-regular-muslim guy who says his prayers and loves his family.
But it is difficult not to judge people who let this INSANE group of reactionary assholes who are trying to take the Middle East back in time to enslave their women, murder the infidels and live in an effed up society. Its just mind boggling. If the Taliban had not been given the chance to give their grassroots effort some power perhaps they would not be able to murder people who don't help them or bomb European subway lines or stalk Danish cartoonists. I am not blaming them, its hard to say no to people who are offering to make your life a better one when you've just watched the Russians pull away and leave the country in disarray. But I also can't really blame the people who judge them. They are harbouring murderous, unstable, completely insane guys who are sending their women and children as suicide bombers. Its not right.
Then again, your average joe-muslim-guy who moved to Canada to give his family a better life and does NOT support the Taliban or Islamic extremism should not be heckled for his skin colour and religious beliefs.
Granted its hard to gauge how sympathetic the guy behind you in line for groceries is to terrorists. People don't respond favourably to that kind of questioning in most circumstances :p


P.S. my apologies if the discordant manner in which this post was written is confusing. I didn't edit and polish so much as type it all out before I lost interest and forgot what I was trying to say :p

Well isn't it obvious?

He was beating the fear of God into the man! Man some people are just so dense... I thought it was obvious :p

Friday, April 02, 2010

Zombie Twin Barbi!

Mmkay so the first thing that struck me about this wasn't my already-well-developed-disdain for celebrity animal rights activists. Especially the ones who pose nude or burst into tears on tv, and if its simultaneous birthday suited blubbering all the better. But no, the first thing that struck me about it was the ridiculously scary, zombie-esque looking Barbi twins!

I googled more pictures of them and honestly...
Other than the rather obvious T&A they've got going on (which is quite frankly terrifying, do they lose balance easily because of the top weight?) I cannot fathom why people found them attractive.

However I am not a man OR a lesbian therefore I can't really be called upon to judge objectively :P but seriously, those boobs could kill someone.