Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My spiel on the five first headlines as follows:

Lafleur gets arrest warrant
Um, why did you drive your son to a hotel to spend the night with his girlfriend? At what point did that strike you as a good idea? And Lafleur JR., at what point did you think it was a good idea to go spend the night w/your girlfriend at a hotel considering the fact that you were given a curfew at YOUR DAD'S HOUSE? Wack job...

Abused prisoners in Kandahar
No comment.
This is where Kandahar is in Afghanistan.

For those of us a little more geographically challenged Afghanistan is here

Alberta Premier election coming up!
This is exciting, I think I might be able to vote in this one... GO PC's!

Greek Canadians want an apology from Harper
This is interesting, as far as I could tell Harper himself made the distinction that those two men were Greek and decided to bring it up. Not sure why... Anyone got any opinions?
I love this quote though
Mr. Harper's response drew howls of protest from the Opposition.

Thats funny, makes it sound like they had to be retrained...

Harper and Bush talk Afghanistan
Well its good that they're cooperating their efforts in order to maximize the benefit the soldiers can be of in Afghanistan. And according to this NATO is going to rally more troops. Snooty Europeans refusing to help in the most volatile provinces... wimps.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

meanderings of my thought life insightful as they are...

I honestly had no plan when I opened up this post, I just felt like writing. In all likelihood this will turn out to be some random post that nobody reads which is fine. Just thinking... about life... about the absurdity of it all. How it seems like our world is going to hell and there isn't a lot we can do about it. I feel so out of touch with God. I haven't really talked to him in awhile. I know I should but there doesn't seem to be much point, even when I did try and connect with Him on a regular basis it didn't make much difference. Or at least it didn't seem to... Call me a pessimist but its what I do best. That and sarcasm... I'm good at that too.
I don't know, maybe all this "future" talk is getting me depressed and philisophical. People dying, people going to rehab, people getting drunk to distract themselves from this pathetic thing we call reality. Quite frankly I don't envy them. I wish I was some wacko psych patient so I could pretend none of this exists and my fantasy land where I'm a queen over the Pygmies is whats actually happening. Who knows, maybe this whole life is just a dream and we're merely players doing what our marionet strings tell us to do. *smile* now I'm just waxing poetical philisophy. If thats a viable expression which it probably isn't. I'm really not this thoughtful and deep in real life I can just pull a good impressionistic act. Well I'm gonna go do something meaningless and contemplate why...


Monday, January 21, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ugh. I hate the future. Hate it with a vehement passion. No no! I got a better one, I hate it with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. Lol I heard that somewhere, can't remember where... Anyways, back to the future, thats a movie isn't it? Good movie too...
Okay so I've been thinking lately (wait for it: Oh dear... that never ends well) about what I want to do with my life. The pastor talked a few sundays ago about choosing the right profession and he quoted Pavarotti's dad when he said to Pavarotti that he had to choose otherwise he would get stuck between the two and be squished by them. Well that was the gist of it anyway... So yeah. Mom brought that up later and it got me thinking that I need to decide between the two otherwise I will get squished between them. I started thinking about International Law with big companies or the military or even advising government departments.
I don't even know anymore... well mom and I are going on a college/university tour at some point this year so that should be fun...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


well I'm slightly less panicked than last time I decided to write about my future but no less daunted. Right now I'm thinking that while University is likely going to be a part of my future, I'm not sure its going to be the first part. I know that travelling will definetely play a part in the future and acting of course. Beyond that... I'm a little lost still. Military has been kicked out, it may deside to come back in the future but I doubt it. So yeah, Mom and I want to do a college tour sometime after I graduate, I'm probably going to take a year off after I graduate though i might not... Man there are so many variables!!!! I'm not sure where I'm going to be living after grade 12, I'm not sure if the University I want to go to will be close to home so I can go when I'm 17. I'm not sure of anything... I know Germany is going to happen and once I finish paying for that I'm gonna start saving for a car!! Woot thats gonna be fun... Well yeah, just thought I'd throw this out into the ether... lol talk to y'all later!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

I just read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, its a hard book to read in more than one way. Its difficult in that there are a lot of characters and flashbacks so it takes a bit to get into it and second because it deals with a lot of painful subjects, things i'd in general not like to think about but was forced to in order to understand the book. It was essentially about a school shooting, by one of the students. THe author explores the perspectives of killer himself, his parents, the kids who were shot, the lawyers/investigators/police involved in the case and a few others. I really enjoyed this book despite its uncomfortable content and things it drags up. It will make me think twice before making a rude comment to someone just because they're different or annoying.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The FUTURE. dun dun duhhhhhhhhhn....

Yeah I'm feeling slightly intimidated right now. I made a list of potential career opportunities and then took some career aptitude tests and omg I am sooooo lost. I mean there are so many things I could do! Obviously I want to act but I don't want to be some bimbo actress that knows how to do nothing else. I could do anthropological work or I could do something in IT like communications or what my dad does, I could become an advertising executive. Hell I could do absolutely ANYTHING! This is stupid and frustrating and tedious and scary. The aptitude tests weren't that much help because half of them I have to pay for in order to get the full results and stuff like that which is stupid, they have no right to hide my aptitude from me!
Mostly I've been thinking of acting as my ultimate goal because its what I love, no matter what phases I've gone through acting has always been there. More or less I'm looking for something that will get me adequate income and opportunities for travel and moving up. Mainly because acting isn't all that lucrative, its a competitive business and its always changing so if I can't make it there then I'm screwed because I have no fall back option, ergo the fall back option search. Man I want a crystal ball right nowl... jeez. How do some people figure this out?! Course I know I'll change complete careers around 5 times in my life so this isn't locking me in a gilded cage forever, its just what I will do for a couple of years. But university is a pretty formative part of my life and if I spend it studying the wrong things then who knows what I'll do.
I want to study anthropology which means I should go to a Christian university (CU) so I can get biblically sound teaching rather than all that evolution stuff they teach in secular universities. I also want to study acting but I'm not sure if a CU will help me if I choose to go into mainstream acting like television or movies or braodway or something like that. Would I be better served looking at an agency type place or a professional acting school where they teach practical skills? Theoretical knowledge has its importance but I do need practical application skills as well. Which I don't really have at this point. This is an abrupt stop but I will be back soon...