Monday, November 28, 2011


Motivating oneself to work out and eat healthier is definitely a challenge, it's one of the more common ones today as well. With obesity on the rise and our culture becoming increasingly obsessed with teeny tiny ladies as their template for beauty; women are more pressured than ever to be skinny. The neat thing is though for women who are looking to put some more muscle on their bodies (like me), and aren't just trying to starve themselves into looking like an emaciated starlet, there are LOADS of inspirational websites! Ones that talk about how important loving yourself is and that motivate you to work through the pain and sweat towards your end goal. They have motivating pictures and recipes for healthier foods and innumerable workout guides and all kinds of fun stuff. I am definitely a fan :) The internet can be used for good!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Story Time!

So I have a friend, a best friend really, named Megan. Megan wrote a story today and decided to share it with me, something for which I am quite grateful because the story made me laugh and is quirkily charming just like its author. So for your enjoyment; here is the story!

Once upon a time there was a pink elephant named Buboo MacGilvary. He was very self conscious because of his unfortunate pink colour. All the other elephants would make fun of him because he was pink, and that was a girly colour. Then one day, he met another pink elephant named Nancy LeFou and they fell madly in love. They were married on a warm summer's night and 22 months later (the gestation of an elephant) they gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy (who was actually more of a green colour so naturally Buboo assumed Nancy had cheated on him and their romance ended in a bitter divorce. The two were awarded joint custody by the courts) The End.

Cashed-up Bogans

I'm intrigued by this story about Australian miners. They're making really fantastic money as miners in these dusty little mine towns that are far away from civilization but they work hard and pull up valuable minerals and are rewarded. I feel like this is something the Occupy movement doesn't understand; these guys may not have dreamed of being miners growing up, but they did dream of having enough money to do and own the cool things that a lot of people don't have access to. They are reaping the rewards of labour and doing unglamorous jobs!

This quote stuck out at me...

Books and documentaries are coming out about this group, exploring the country's unease with the thought that conspicuous consumption by undereducated people is what is helping to keep the country afloat

The idea that there is "unease" with the thought of undereducated masses helping keep the country afloat with their copious spending is weird to me. Why does it matter who is spending? These are not undereducated people who are spending money they don't have and racking up credit cards and loans and lines of credit! They are spending real money that they actually earned.

I think the idea that a university degree is required by everyone is a silly one. Yes I am in university, but if I didn't have to have a degree for the job I want I wouldn't be here! These guys may not have higher level education but they are making huge contributions to society! They are cycling money back through the economy which creates income for businesses so they can grow and expand and create more jobs so their employees can also spend money.

It is awesome that these men aren't stuck in post secondary, creating more debt by living off of student loans and gaining no real life experience like so many of their peers. Look at the bright side people! It's a sunnier side to be!


Friday, November 11, 2011


If you don't put the effort in to use proper spelling and grammar, the chances are markedly slimmer of me giving ANY credence to your argument.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Power of the Mind

The power of the human subconscious astounds me... I just love its ability to make connections between places and people and recognize patterns and make inferences.

Behold the power of your brains people! You have a lethal weapon and an incredible gift at your disposal...


Wednesday, November 02, 2011


FML these next few weeks are going to SUCK!
The pool I work at has reopened which is great because I missed it but it unfortunately means I have to start working. Regularly. Like every thursday and friday night teaching wee little chitlens how to swim, for 4 hours :( And teaching is fun! It totally is, my students are adorable and lots of fun and it definitely gives me a work out holding their heads out of the water everyday. But it is severely cutting into my study time... and that isn't cool. I'm so screwed for the next few weeks when it comes to grades.