Monday, March 29, 2010

Absurd literalism

But also pretty amusing and totally accurate.

Phew, glad we got that cleared up

I know I've been wondering about that for QUITE some time now. Ask anyone who knows me! It comes up regularly.


No. Not really.
Seriously? Thats what people make their livelihood doing? Writing about the sexual orientation of various celebrities? *sigh*

Get off your ass

Ugh. Suicide bombers make me sick. Congratulations, you're dead and you've brought a shwack of people with you. Nice legacy. I'm sure your family is proud.
And I'm sorry but world leaders are strongly condemning something? As opposed to moderately condemning something? I want to see stuff blown up! I am absolutely serious here, 38 people lost their lives today because two women thought it would be a good idea to throw their lives away and take as many people as possible with them. Why aren't more people outraged by this?! I want action. I want world leaders to stop strongly condemning things and start getting pissed off. I want them to send agents into Chechnya and find the culprits' leaders and throw them in jail or hang them or something. Just do something! Stop sitting around and condemning stuff, grow a spine.

I know I know, its been another while

And I am terribly terribly sorry for that. I shall pause for you to forgive me.....
Why thank you ;)

Word of the Day
Ghastly - it just makes me smile when I say it! And it totally encompasses my feelings on certain subjects. Polygamy? Ghastly. Liberals? Ghastly. Tights as pants? Uber ghastly.

Yep, this guy is SOOOO my new hero "May amoeba evolve enough wit to hate you" :)
I love this not just because it defends Ann Coulter (which not many people are brave enough to do) but because it is so well written! Seriously, someone who can mention fossil fuel substitution, the founding fathers, amoeba, and offal-eating insects totally gets my love.

Holy Man. Angry eyes much? I get the whole defending your team thing and whatnot but wow.

I can't be the only one who finds this ironic and amusing. But just in case I am; rent a sense of humour!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

But why are the pants gone?!

I know this is only two examples but I am too lazy to find more.

Where are her pants?

And hers?

After more careful examination I believe that the second video perhaps features a girl wearing flesh tones pants. But really, why take the chance of someone mistaking you for being pantless?!

My name is Zhen and I am a FIRM believer in pants.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The world would be WAY better if I ran it

Because no one would ever, EVER wear tights or leotards as pants. Ever. Seriously, your ass might look nice but save it for someone who WANTS to see it.