Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sad face :(

Stuff like this reminds me of Steve Irwin. He dealt with dangerous animals for years and years and in the end it was a really random, fluke accident that killed him. This chick worked there for 12 years so obviously she loved the job, but thats just awful...

There's a Tory MP in Quebec?!

I have been SO lazy in my news reading! Who knew the quebeckers had it in them to elect a conservative? Not me sirree. Course I vaguely remember that Bernier scandal a little while back when his biker chick girlfriend saw confidential documents but I forgot he was a Tory! I must be going batty...

So anyways, how long do you think before May sets up re-education camps for climate change deniers? I'm guessing 10 years. If that.

How long is a "long history" anyway? Did anyone ask? He's been representing Beauce for 25 years so yeah I guess that could be where the long comes from... Interesting.

Dear All My Former High School Teachers

Thank you for NEVER giving each other lap dances at pep rallies. Even the married ones. I really and truly appreciate it :) thanks.

(for those of you that haven't heard yet, just google "teacher lap dances" and look at the news results)

P.S. I will not be held responsible for the horror to be experienced when viewing search results.

2nd time was NOT the charm apparently

At that point just go buy a gun.