Thursday, August 28, 2008

laptop murder

We were having some issues but we've mostly resolved them. Yes we. I've decided to name my laptop Calypso. Why? Because most people don't know the story behind it (like my fish's names Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) and it sounds cool. Plus I don't think I'd be able to name my kid that cuz they'd think she was a demon child. And you just don't name a boy Calypso.

So Calypso and I have been having a fun time of it. Just chillin. Getting to know each other. learning each others quirks and annoyances. I'm very understanding and she is getting better too. We'll work this out, we don't need gossip and people throwing kindling on the fire so just give us our space. We'll be fine.

So yeah, went white water rafting yesterday. It was pretty fabulous. I went swimming. Intentionally of course, the rafter dude told us to get out and swim if we wanted to. It was pretty cool, we went over a Level 5 (there are 6 levels) rapid, which was fricken wicked awesome. And I talked to my dad's uber-cool, ultra conservative, knows-anyone-and-everyone-in-the-conservative-albertan-politics-secne friend and he's gonna put me in touch with another super cool, good to know for politics guy. So that could be cool.

Well i'm off to the races

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

its a bird, its a plane

nope its caitie's new laptop!!!
its shiny and pretty and makes me happy. i'll post pics later

Monday, August 25, 2008

teehee boredd

Name: Caitrin
Date of Birth: August 27
Birthplace: here
Current Location: still here lol
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark blonde
Height: 5’7
Heritage: Danish, Scottish
Piercings: 4
Tattoos: None.


Band/Singer: I like everything
Song: everything
Movie: too many
Disney Movie: aladdin
TV show: Gilmore girls
Color: blue & yellow
Food: I’m not picky
Pizza topping: yum pizza
Ice-Cream Flavor: … everything
Drink (alcoholic): baileys hot chocolate or champagne
Soda: diet pepsi
Store: ………… none?
Clothing Brand: None
Shoe Brand: none
Season: fall
Month: august!
Holiday/Festival: christmas
Flower: birds of paradise or orchids
Board game: monopoly or murder mystery
This or That : defs this
Sunny or rainy: sunny
Chocolate or vanilla: both!
Fruit or veggie: Fruits
Night or day: twilight
Sour or sweet: pork chops!
Love or money: Love
Phone or in person: In person
Looks or personality: Personality
Coffee or tea: tea gotta love it
Hot or cold: Cold


Goal for this year: save to my goal, finish senior year
Best physical feature: I dunno
First thought waking up: mmm I love waking up in my own bed >_<
Hypothetical personality disorder: ADHD
Preferred type of plastic surgery: ew um I’ve never thought about it
Sesame street alter ego: bert or oscar. Maybe cookie monster
Fairytale alter ego: jasmine or ariel
Most stupid remark: ahahaha if only the modern mathematical principle could accommodate such a figure
Worst crime: being selfish, at the undeniable pain and expense of the people I love
Greatest ambition: damn I should really think about that huh?
Greatest fear: I dunno… rejection maybe?
Darkest secret: dunno
Favorite subject: social and dance
Strangest received gift: … hmmm… I dunno. I’m pretty lucky with gifts
Worst habit: I talk constantly and I’m so easily distracted

Do You:
Smoke: Nope
Drink: not very often
Curse: more than I should
Shower daily: usually every other day
Like thunderstorms: woot
Dance in the rain: absolutely
Sing: Yes.
Play an instrument: not very well
Get along with your parents: most days.
Wish on stars: not usually
Believe in fate: Always.
Believe in love at first sight: no, infatuation at first site? Yes.

Can You:
Drive: not legally lol
Sew: mmhmm
Cook: a little
Speak another language: enough to get around (espanol)
Sing: Yes.
Touch your nose with your tongue: close
Whistle: Yup.
Curl your tongue: yess

Have You Ever:
Been Drunk: no
Been Stoned/High: No.
Eaten Sushi: Yummy
Been in Love: no
Skipped school: no
Made prank calls: yes
Sent someone a love letter: yuck
Stolen something: not intentionally… maybe.
Cried yourself to sleep: nope

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? Hmm… having no opinion.
Are you right or left handed? Leftie woooot
What is your bedtime? When I’m tired
Name three things you can't live without: family, friends, music
What is the color of your room? Well the wall is beige but everything else on there is colourful
Do you have any siblings? Yep
Do you have any pets? Yes.
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Naw
What is you middle name? Lane
What are you nicknames? Caitie, K-train, Bird
Are you for or against gay marriage? I respect the love homosexuals have for each other, but marriage is an institution reserved for one man and one woman.
What are your thoughts on abortion? WWJD
Do you have a crush on anyone? Not rly
Are you afraid of the dark? Not rly
How do you want to die? Being shot or drowning
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? Two or three
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? In a heart beat

my own bed...

I like it, I haven't really been able to sleep in it for like a week... stupid hotel beds.
Anywho, getting ready for my birthday! Which is the day after tomorrow!!! and the party which is the day after that! Ugh I gotta go text/fbook people now and figure out who else is coming because people are friggin SLOW at RSVPing... losers.

And I'm registering for school soon, which is exciting! I'm so stoked for senior year! Its gonna be a blast...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

whip cream...

its a great substance lol; revenge, desserts, food fights, baileys/hot chocolate, and best of all: pissing off the bartender haha.

anywho, work was fabulous, people singing and dancing and laughing. And a friend came (he didn't know I work there) that I went to camp with last year so it was cool seeing him again. Its good times...

Friday, August 22, 2008


I wish you cared, but its okay. Its not your fault, its mine for trying to believe anything else.

I need a break anyways.

home sweet home

So on wednesday we went to the university of ottawa (GORGEOUS CAMPUS!!) and after quite a lot of floundering and trying to figure out where the heck I was going; I got to talk to a faculty lady named Anne. Anne told me... a lot. But she explained the program I wanted to get in to, she explained a bit about the co-op program and she explained about the internships in other countries.
Then I went and looked at campus housing (always a trepidacious experience) which was nice and I think I like uOttawa better than Carleton.

And then mom and I went a little crazy in the campus bookstores, I got a sweater, a shirt and a mug from uOttawa and a sweater, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris and a water bottle from Carleton. It was fun :p.

So I bought Twilight on Monday, finished it on Tuesday. Bought New Moon on Wednesday, finished it Wednesday night. Bought Eclipse on Thursday, finished it Thursday night. Keep in mind that the size of these books ranges between 500-600 pages... I was slightly obsessed lol. And now I have to get Breaking Dawn, or wait until my birthday... one or the other lol.

Speaking of birthday!!! I'm turning 16 in 5 days!!!!! Except technically only 4 cuz i'll stay up until 12:13am(my time of birth lol) on Tuesday night.

Okey dokey well I have to go get packed for the wedding tomorrow (I bought a pretty dress for it and everything!) so ttyl!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bought it. Finished it next day. Loved it. Have to buy next one. Very excited. Can't wait for movie.

Haha, R got me hooked on these and now; like the rest of the world; I can't stop.


Okay I have to say; TV SUCKS. Maybe its just cuz its summer or something but I'm serious, all we've been able to find is Olympics stuff and stupid reality shows I've never even heard of (one of them was about a dog trainer). Omfg, have people fallen so far in their expectations of good entertainment? Yes there are good shows out there, but you can buy and rent the seasons after they're released! Its the magic of movie stores. I'm so glad we don't have tv... i think I'd shoot myself if I had to resort to that to keep me entertained...

Anywho, going to another University campus today! WOOOOT can't wait. It should be fun stuff. I'm gonna meet with faculty peoples and get food and take a campus tour. Its good times.

Well got to go, ttyl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


time out.
I had no idea.
this is weird.
Okay...well, in light of that.
I'm keeping my distance, I'm sorry for being such a pain. I will keep to myself for awhile and let you figure out what you're doing and when you're ready to be friends again, or when you're with her (and therefore we can't rly talk) then I'll know... whats going on... okay. well. um. have fun, and i hope that you find what you're looking for and that she loves you too.
I'm only here as a friend, know that.

Monday, August 18, 2008

chillin in the capital

Started with Plane ride 1
I get on almost last (don't ask why) and I'm in the window seat so i got two guys to my right. One is a nice kid; from Trinidad, younger than me, nice, he's cool. The dude next to him is this 18 year old from NFLD who already has a beer belly and was completely and totally inebriated ( this is a 3 1/2hr flight, it doesn't wear off).
How did Nicolas (trinnie kid) and I know he was drunk? He reeked of it, slurred his speech almost beyond intelligibility and kept forgetting what he said before and repeating himself. He got a great kick out of the fact that i knew he was born and raised in Fort McMurray; how did I know? he told us 4 minutes before and he'd already forgotten.
So after the plane gets into the air, buddy is done like dinner; he's completely conked. Unfortunately for Nicolas though, buddy likes to spppprrrrreeeeeaaaaddd out when he sleeps... Suffice to say a good portion of our flying time was spent shoving him off of us.
Nick was cool though, we listened to my iPod, I asked him about Toronto (where he lives) and he ridiculed my music (little punk).

Then on Plane ride 2, i sleep the whole duration.

We land. We take the bus to down town ottawa. Check into hotel. Visit Carleton University. Chat with lady I know. eat. Leave.

Then we went on a long forray in search of food ending at an Irish pub (of which there seem to be an abundance of in Ottawa) and then we went shopping.
WOOT, i got new clothes!

SO yeah... now we're just chillin... anywho, not that y'all cared but that's okay.

Love you! Bye now!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


fabulous weekend thusfar, went to the batting cage and got massive blisters. But I actually hit the ball a few times so its all good
went to J's goodbye party; stayed out til 2am lol, it was fun though, we went to BPs and ate and talked and stuff.
Today I went to M and As after church and they pulled out the guitars so some of us just started singing and it was a blast. I haven't sung like that in awhile, my chords are shot lol.
But maria gave me food cuz I had to leave early so it was a lot of fun, I wish I didn't have to leave.
And i'm not going to see everybody again until Sunday next week cuz I'm going to ottawa tonight (WOOOOT).
Well I hope work is good, maybe some friends will stop by...
Anywho gotta finish packing, love y'all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

200 posts!

Ladies and gents, I am fabulous. Lol, it took me quite awhile to get here but I did... thanks to the support of the media, stupid news stories and life itself. All of which just couldn't go by uncommented on.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

walkin on sunshine

Cool I didn't even know there was such a thing...

Wonderful something else to worry about...

Sounds like the Georgians are screwed. BTW did anyone know there was a country called Georgia? I sure didn't...
We're such a peaceful, loving world. Lets just bring back the hippies, they liked everyone. Except The Man.
But seriously, this is pretty terrible, by the sounds of it Georgia didn't really do anything... maybe Russia's just bored.

I'd see it

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just finished typing up my financial proposal... Its actually pretty exciting, all made up numbers of course seeing as I don't really have a crystal ball on me but its realistic and I'm pretty psyched.
Plus I've been on the phone to universities all morning making plans for mine and mom's trip to Ottawa (cue happy dance) so i can go in and meet various faculty members and take campus tours and stuff like that.

Friday, August 08, 2008

sheer stupidity

for those of you who don't care, whatevs; you like me have better things to think about.

Unfortunately there are still people that need something to asphyxiate upon so this is for you:

I am not dating anyone.
I am not planning on dating anyone right now.
There is no one in particular that I could be dating.

Please stop asking us, the answer hasn't changed and if it has; its still not your business but you'll probably find out anyway.

gracias y adios

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Can you answer 51 questions about two people ?

Don’t change the friends half way through.

1) What’s their name?
a) Timothy
b) Jessica

2) Does he/she have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
a) Nope.
b) not rly

3) Do you get a long with this person all the time?
a) yes but we fight a lot
b) defs

4) How old is the person?
a) 18
b) 17

5) Has he/she ever cooked for you?
a) No
b) probly

6) Is this person older than you?
a) yeah
b) yeah

7) Have you ever kissed this person?
a) no
b) yes

10) Are you really close to him/her?
a) yes
b) getting there again

11) Nickname?
a) ...timmy?
b) babe

12.) Do they have a nickname for you?
a) k-train?
b) cant remember...

13) How many times do you talk to this person in a week?
a) almost everyday
b) few times a week

14) Do you think they will repost this?
a) probly not
b) maybe

16) Why is this person your #1?
a) we've been thru some stupid stuff together but we're close and we've stuck thru it. I don't think we'll grow apart for awhile yet
b) we just click, she's the yin to my yang and we just work together

17) How long have you known this person?
a) 2.5 years
b) ditto

19) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?
a) yeppers
b) mmhmm

20) Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?
a) yes
b) yeah

21) If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
a) yeah
b) hells yes

23) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
a) oh i'm sure that day will come
b) probly

24) Do you know everything about this person?
a) close, but no not everything :p
b) I know lots, not everything

25) Would you date this person’s siblings?
a) um no
b) if she had a hot one maybe

26) Have you ever made something with this person?
a) yeah
b) yes

29) Have you gone skinny dippng with this person?
a) haha no
b) not quite

31) Is your #1 on drugs?
a) no
b) if she is i'll kick her ass

33) Have you ever worn this person’s clothes?
a) don't think so
b) yeah

34) Does this person wear your clothes
a) ... no
b) haha we tried

35) If it was “freaky friday” would you switch bodies with this person?
a) weird but fun
b) hells yes

36) Have you ever heard this person sing?
a) mmhmm
b) i'd have to be living under a rock not to hear her sing

38) Do you and this person have a saying?
a) yeah
b) oh I'm sure we have several...

Do you know this persons Facebook password?
a) used to
b) maybe...

41) Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight that lasted more than 2 months?
a) naw, they last a few days max
b) no way

44.) Have you and this person gone clubbing?
a) i wish haha that'd be fun
b) not yet

45) Do you know how to make this person feel happy?
a) yes
b) doesn't take much

46) Do you and this person talk alot?
a) yeah
b) when we can

47) Do you like this person?
a) mmhmm
b) for life

48) Has this person yelled at you?
a) yep
b) don't think so

49) Have you and this person got into a fist fight?
a) close :p
b) nope

50) Do you want to go out with this person?
a) not now
b) it'd sure be fun but no

51) Do you want to be friends with them forever?
a) pshyeah
b) of course

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

random news tidbits

cuz thats only slightly random...

is is really too much to ask for this guy to be done playing politics? Can we just put him in jail for life or something? I'm not asking for capital punishment although there's probly a good chance he deserves it but hey, so do the rest of us so can he just go to jail for awhile so we don't have to hear about him?

*gasp* I bet its those Eskimos melting the ice with their blowdryers!

As weird as this sounds she actually sounds kind of intelligent when she's talking about the policies and stuff. Not when she's saying stuff like "loves it" though...

Monday, August 04, 2008


kay, sexual humour can sometimes be funny but when the line is crossed, its just weird. Grow up people.This isn't just for one or two people either.

So my ankle is still really bugging me and its been like a week so I think I'll go in and get it x-rayed just so there isn't a stupid fracture or weird thing somewhere that I'm exacerbating by not getting it checked out.

Saw the Dark Knight yesterday, that was pretty funky. Fairly creepy and disturbing (the fact that he's now dead just makes Heath Ledger playing the Joker even creepier) but somewhat funny and entertaining. Saw it with J and R and E and T. good times...

Kay I'm really bored...................

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mama Mía and 13 months and ottawa

So work was fabulous today, not too busy, not too dead. There were funny people working and it was just a good day in general. I was really happy and I had fun.
Then Mom picked me up and we decided (through some sort of shared periodic brain freeze moment) to go see Mama Mía... yeah... That's a bad movie. Don't get me wrong, the singing and songs are awesome, I loved the voice of one of the actresses. On the other hand, it was the cheesiest, most 70's devoted, glitteriest, weirdest, most gay movie EVER. I definitely would not see it again but it was a fun night with Mom.
So yeah, not gonna say what the 13 months is about cuz I'm a good person but it was pretty funny. Oh and hickies can be really dangerous things, at least if they're not in hard to see places cuz omg did one of the girls at work have a weird coloured neck this evening... :p
WOOOT Ottawa pretty soon! Its so exciting and trepidation inducing. I really want to get into this university and get out and do what I love to do but I have to pin point exactly what I love doing. I know it when I'm doing it but I gotta harness that into a life goal lol... Oh well. i'll figure it all out soon enough.

love y'all, ttyl!

Friday, August 01, 2008

birthdays and stupid computers and fonts and friggin emails

So i finalized my birthday invitee list with Mom and Dad today, I actually managed to keep a lot of people on there! I'm glad lol. Though I know there's probly a fair amount of people who won't be able to come, I'm inviting a lot of people so there'll still be a pretty big crowd. OMG I'm so excited!!

And my computer is so freaking retarded its amazing I don't smash it to pieces... Oh well.
I managed to get almost everyone's emails so I should be able to send out the invite tomorrow! WOOT! There's pretty colours (no just plain black is not fine, there has to be colour!) and funky stuffs on there. Its gonna be a blast.

hair cut and summer school and mini golf

I"M DONE SUMMER SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm only slightly excited about this though. Slightly...

Plus I'm getting my hair cut today, nothing dramatic, just tidying it up I guess lol.

I went mini golfing yesterday, that was pretty fun, Me and my fam and T and A. My dad kinda got mad at how T was driving but he got much better so its all good. Then I watched T and A hit golf balls as far and hard as they could which doesn't sound like that much fun, but it was. So yeah, basically I'm just working and sleeping and hanging with friends. Oh and studying cuz I gotta pass the stupid diploma :p yuck.

Kay well I gotta get ready to go so talk to y'all later!