Saturday, April 04, 2009

bride of chucky

Jest chilling :)
I got lots of French homework done today (yay me) and made virgin mousse (if you know me very well you'll know what that is =p) and went to J's birthday party (happy birthday!). It was a good day.

So you know what sucks? Fairweather friends. They really do. Don't get all excited, I'm not talking about you.
But yeah, I mean if you're going to be friends with someone, make the effort otherwise it really isn't worth it.

I'm so excited for my new church :) there's lots of new youth and tons of girls! Omg is there a ton of girls LOL. I hope the boys in our youth group don't go crazy and scare them away haha that would not be good. But youth is gonna be much more interesting now with all these new people...

Je voudrais les amis qui sont fidèle et réelle dans la nouvelle église. Ne voudrais pas les amis qu'ont deux (ou plus) visages.


Ps the title was just me not wanting to disappoint you guys in my constant quest for wacky titles

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