Monday, September 12, 2011

New Year...

I feel like September signals a new year more than January ever does... there is always WAY more change in September. Starting school again, moving away from friends and family again, learning how to cook for myself again (pfft that's a lie, I never learned in the first place), meeting new friends, experiencing new things, new classes, new everything!

I miss my hometown lots, it's a big city as opposed to this... small city. I call it a town but I get in trouble for that haha, apparently under 100,000 still constitutes a city. A small city full of CRAZY people, most of them seniors or university students. An odd mix eh? I can't see myself in 40 or 50 years asking my husband if he thinks it's a good idea to retire to a college town, what part of that sounds like fun?

So new classes! Lots more work, I'm excited though. Except for Spanish... Spanish is absolutely terrifying. The rest is fun! Financial stuff (meh, rockin prof), Organizational Behaviour (stuff I already know), Logic (yay!) and Intro to IT (again, stuff I already know). Turns out second year isn't much more enlightening than first year was!

So boyfriend brought me to school cuz the parents are vacationing and he was so intimidated by all the people on campus! I hadn't even really thought about it... Just seems normal but yeah, I guess there are quite a few kids for a guy who is used to small town high schools and whatnot.

I missed my roommates so much... it's awesome to have them back. I've heard such horror stories from some people and how they hate their psychotic roommates but I have been soooooo lucky! They're all sweet and funny and considerate and we enjoy spending time together. It's idyllic really haha.

Well more later, it's homework time ;)


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