Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Measurements&Frustrating Management&Green Tea

First day in, lots of beans were had... I don't think I ate enough which is bad. I just couldn't figure out what to eat and when to eat it! I also don't have enough protein in the house (eg meat). Luckily I found some almonds when out shopping and didn't gorge myself on something.

I picked up a soft measuring tape and measured myself! Herein I have found my baseline! I also weighed myself but that's not really what matters to me, I'm tall and I plan to gain muscle so weight is all relative. The inches are what I'm more concerned about. We'll see how those start being affected.

So I'm on these teams for business case competitions. And this one team is just driving me NUTS. It's run by an executive of about 6 people and the lack of communication is so irritating. I have always taken care to note what managerial behaviors I find beneficial as an employee and those that irritate the snot out of me. The lack of communication on this team is becoming detrimental to my performance on it, which I find unacceptable. An email is not difficult to send, we do it all the time! It's so speedy!

I drank only water, green tea, and a diet pepsi today so I'm happy with that. The green tea actually wasn't awful. My past experiences have left me not enjoying green tea so much but I really did enjoy it this time so that's encouraging. I may also be feeling so-so today because I didn't remember to drink a ton of water. Staying hydrated is usually pretty paramount.

My muscles are unimpressed with me today, after climbing, stationary biking and kettle belling yesterday. The kettle bell swings really worked my back hard, all these weird pain spots in muscle groups I can't name is amusing.

also, I am quickly losing patience with online estimation tools! Two now that have told me that I'm obese. SO that's encouraging! One told me I have 36% body fat and the other one said my BMI is 25.1 which is above the healthy weight range. I'm leaning towards the opinion that I shouldn't put a ton of stock in the online tools because they have nothing to do with me as a person and are rather generations based on a set of numbers. At any rate, more awareness of my current status is better than none, right?

I better eat more tomorrow...


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