Friday, March 09, 2007

Cooler Heads Coalition

Well, today I was looking for something absolutely ridiculous so I could mock it mercilessly, double if its on the big GW. But then I realized, nobody who reads my blog really understands my position on global warming and why I have that position, you all know I hate the idiotic campaigns with their green scarves and electric cars and Kyoto trash but do you know why?

If this topic has ceased to interest you by all means continue surfing.

I think global warming is stupid because there is NO scientific evidence to back their "facts" that the world is going to turn into a ginormiguous green house, or that all our polar animals are gonna die because the ice is melting. I mean we had a freakin ICE AGE and yet somehow we're all still here. Its weather patterns bigger than anybody can forecast because we only have approximately 100 years of recorded weather so this pattern is ha-UGE. I found this article a few minutes ago and it's pretty good. I warn you, its like 3 years old but not a lot of this stuff has changed so enjoy!


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