Wednesday, March 28, 2007


not entirely sure what thats supposed to mean but my office is hot.

Okay, did you know that World Tuberculosis Day is coming up? Cause I sure as heck didn't. How exactly is one supposed to spend WTD anyway? Testing themselves for it? Handing out awareness pamphlets? Honestly.... there was a Pi Day too. I mean, the edible kind I can understand there being a day for but the mathematical kind?
And this month is Liver Disease Month AND Kidney Month. Wow. Yikes these people are weirdos.

Okey dokey, Flaherty introduced the new budget, lotsa tax cuts for families. Dion's already strategizing as to how to tear it limb from limb and SM got caught in a protest. Well looks like things were busy while I was gone. Anyone miss me?

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