Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I know you are but what am I?

You are the people you spend time with and the books you read...

Hmm. That one's difficult. Because I hang around with a lot of people who are very nice and very considerate of other people's needs but who have very different morals than I do. Now whether or not that is having a significant impact on my moral compass only time will tell. I know that I do want to be a nice, considerate person but at the expense of my integrity? Because a lot of the people I know who it seems do have their values in order can be quite insufferable to spend time with. maybe I need new friends who are fun to hang out with AND have good moral compasses...

I just realized how horribly judgemental I sound in this post, i do love my friends a great deal, but I worry sometimes that I made bad influencing friends. we'll see how this turns out.


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