Friday, January 04, 2008

The FUTURE. dun dun duhhhhhhhhhn....

Yeah I'm feeling slightly intimidated right now. I made a list of potential career opportunities and then took some career aptitude tests and omg I am sooooo lost. I mean there are so many things I could do! Obviously I want to act but I don't want to be some bimbo actress that knows how to do nothing else. I could do anthropological work or I could do something in IT like communications or what my dad does, I could become an advertising executive. Hell I could do absolutely ANYTHING! This is stupid and frustrating and tedious and scary. The aptitude tests weren't that much help because half of them I have to pay for in order to get the full results and stuff like that which is stupid, they have no right to hide my aptitude from me!
Mostly I've been thinking of acting as my ultimate goal because its what I love, no matter what phases I've gone through acting has always been there. More or less I'm looking for something that will get me adequate income and opportunities for travel and moving up. Mainly because acting isn't all that lucrative, its a competitive business and its always changing so if I can't make it there then I'm screwed because I have no fall back option, ergo the fall back option search. Man I want a crystal ball right nowl... jeez. How do some people figure this out?! Course I know I'll change complete careers around 5 times in my life so this isn't locking me in a gilded cage forever, its just what I will do for a couple of years. But university is a pretty formative part of my life and if I spend it studying the wrong things then who knows what I'll do.
I want to study anthropology which means I should go to a Christian university (CU) so I can get biblically sound teaching rather than all that evolution stuff they teach in secular universities. I also want to study acting but I'm not sure if a CU will help me if I choose to go into mainstream acting like television or movies or braodway or something like that. Would I be better served looking at an agency type place or a professional acting school where they teach practical skills? Theoretical knowledge has its importance but I do need practical application skills as well. Which I don't really have at this point. This is an abrupt stop but I will be back soon...


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