Friday, June 20, 2008

GO Karting

Omg so much fun guys, Love it. Lol scared some people... I'm a good driver. Or at least a fearless one... that might get me into trouble...

First time I really hung out with a friend mine. It was okay... I miss them. I miss our talks, we haven't talked in like a week, lol I know. Doesn't seem like that long but trust me it is. But they are happy, has a special someone, still flirts like crazy (like me :p) and yes I missed the times when we flirted but that's okay. We all had a blast, mini golf is always fun lol.

Okay we're thinking it was either a birthday or a bachelorette party cuz there was a chick wearing her bra on her butt... cute but weird.

Anywho, I get to work tonight! I haven't worked since last Sunday cuz I had exams and go-karting but I'm going tonight, should be fun!

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