Thursday, June 12, 2008

I wanna go to Egypt and see them in action...

zomg I just finished reading the most entertaining thing I've read all week. Okay maybe it wasn't that great but it kept me going for awhile.
Okey dokey so most of you probably have no idea who Sandmonkey or the Scene and Heard crew are but they're two blogs that've been having a cat fight for the past couple weeks and managed to drag Amy Mowafi into it. Anyways, here are some of the post involved:

One of the most frilly things I've ever read that is The Scene&Heard pretty stupid stuff but people love gossip (tabloids, duh)

SM's response to their existence

S&H's response in all their "aw shucks we're just innocent bystanders" tone lol. Which I guess they kind of are seeing as Sandmonkey started it but they're just really bad writers.

And then there's this which I definitely won't blame you if you can't get through because it is the longest post on the freaking planet but fairly entertaining if you've been following the whole "battle" going on. I did make it all the way through lol but unfortunately I had not been aware of the cat fight going on so I had to backtrack through all the other posts to figure out what all this was about. It's good once you do though.

The real gems in all of this are the comments! I read through almost all of the S&H comments and SM doesn't get as many so that doesn't take as long. I must say people take up a lot of time/space and energy with these posts and I skimmed a fair few of them mainly because I didn't feel like expending the brain cells to understand them lol but I loved Amy Mowafi's which were extraordinarily long but still entertaining.

Okay I'm done, you can go read something interesting now...

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