Sunday, June 15, 2008

long day

But good, it was a nice day. My feet are gonna fall off from the heels I wore to work :p I'll have to think through that next time... lol
So yeah, first time I've seen him since the "falling out". Wasn't that bad, I miss him but we'll be okay. It was time for us, there may be something in the future but that's a really long way off so basically don't count on it lol. He aknowleged it though which was nice, I appreciated that.
I ♥ my job I just gotta say. THough the weird thing is everyone in that joint smokes! Jeez people do you really think it's glamorous or something? Its gross.
Plus there's a guy ;) of course.
I've got an essay tomorrow which pretty much blows but its in Social so I should be okay. After that I just have two multiple choice tests and I'm DONE!!!!! Done with Grade 11, done with the stress of this year, now I get to deal with the stress of Math 30 for the summer :( oh well. I'll be okay.
Next year, 16, grade 12, awesome job, getting drivers in december. Its gonna be a gooder lemme tell you that, I'm excited!
Well i should go get some beauty sleep for tomorrow though I don't think my stunning good looks will pull my mark up any :p.
Have a good night guys!


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