Monday, October 13, 2008

Le weekend tres awesome!

So this weekend has turned out much better than I thought it would.

Friday I got pretty much no homework, went to youth (meh, potato potahto) and then slept lol.

Saturday I bought the most fabulous winter coat ever invented and went to work. Work was the most ridiculous shift I've ever worked cuz everyone was tired and punchy and we had way too much fun. And I found out I didn't have to work Sunday night.

Sunday I went to church and made plans with J and A to come over. Went home, cleaned house, went to Grandparents for thanksgiving dinner (which was A-mazing, and extraordinarily filling lol). Then J and A came over to watch Step Up 2 (3 thumbs up and plenty of new choreography to try out ;) and J and I gave A his birthday presents. Both clothes unfortunately, we really need to be more creative next year... *gasps* A is going to be 20 next year... damn he's old...

Then J and I proceeded to watch 2 more movies, halfway thru the second one I conked lol. I suck at staying up late. it was fun though, I had a really good weekend.

Plus, somewhere in that whole mix a friend and I started talking again (we haven't really talked for like a month). Which is actually kind of cool.

ANYWHO, Now I have to go work on my novel study because quite frankly I think I'm going to shoot myself if it doesn't get done soon...

Lurv y'all,
oh hey I got a shiny pic to share:

haha its great eh?

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