Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So i've found several fbook groups advocating "pro-choice" and "pro-abortion" stuff, personally I am definitely pro-life. Abortions are wrong, they should only be performed if the life of the mother is in grave danger or if the mother was a rape/incest victim.
Otherwise; you did have a choice, you chose to get into bed. Knowing full well that contraceptives are NOT 100% effective and there is still a chance of getting pregnant. If you weren't fully educated then what the hell were you doing having sex?
Women do have the choice, they can choose not to have sex until they are ready and willing to become a parent; why? Because you can get pregnant no matter how many precautions you take; its just the way life works. You get all freaked out because the government doesn't support your right to take the easy way out, gee that makes sense.

You can fight for the freedom to make your own decisions, I'm fighting for your right to take responsibility for them.

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