Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Childish antics and university OMFG moments and g$ettin a job and Mulroney isn't very nice

Um kay. You say how mature you've become... grow up and stop trying to jack a high school boy's high school girlfriend lol. That would show people your maturity. Not leading her on.

Well. I'm getting into the whole university thing now... its kinda scary. Not gonna lie. But I'll get through it, my parents will help and I'll get out of it debt free which is really nice :)
Plus I have my car *_* which makes me happy. So yeah... I was feeling kinda discouraged cuz yeah, university it expensive and difficult but I'll make it work and I'll have a job and babysitting opportunities and scholarships and all will be well :) look out world.

Mulroney needs to remove head from sphincter then speak. Honestly dude, party solidarity ring any bells? You're still a PC right, so act like one!

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