Monday, May 11, 2009


So the wedding was amazing :)
The bride and groom both looked great and they were so happy and it was cool...
Course it had to rain blech, but my dress dried and it didn't rain while the bride was outside lol so thats good.
I got the whole reception hall set up thanks to the wonderful relatives and some of the youth so that was good and its exactly what the bride wanted :)
We toasted and danced and blew bubbles and made them kiss and ate and drank and then danced some more. It was good.

Then I got to go home and pack unti 1:30am which really kinda sucked cuz I had to wake up early again the next morning and pack more! But on the bright side my room is pretty much packed so I don't have to worry about that anymore thank goodness.

Ruby Dhalla is having a HORRIBLE week dude. I would NOT want to be her right now. Nuff said.

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