Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I received a letter from my chosen institute of post-secondary education accepting my request to delay studies for a year... So that means its final. I am definitely not going to school this year. Its a little terrifying.
Post-secondary, while terrifying in it's own right, provides a bit of a cushion for students. They're not technically in the "real world", they are still ensconced in academia and fairly secluded from the pressures of the rest of the world. I am not, by any means, downsizing the amount of stress and work that goes into University, I know its hard! But working for a year, or more, is a bit more terrifying in that there is no "next year" to retake a course. Its real life. If you don't get it right the first time you need to make your own second chances, you can't ask for a redo on the course. I am embarking on my life. Not making another detour to another school. Please; people who are in university who read this, do not be offended by my opinions. I am just stating my view, you probably have a completely different one.

Its scary.


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