Monday, August 17, 2009

non-lethal ghosts

So today is the second day at work that I have come out of the stock room and put some clothes away only to realise that I have cut my hand and I have no earthly clue as to why. It didn`t hurt or anything, it just bled everywhere and customers generally have this weird thing about not wanting to buy clothes that have blood on them. Even if it is their own blood. I know I find it strange too :p

Work is going very well though, its nothing long term but I have been selling lots of clothes lately and my manager actually told me that I am one of her stronger sellers. :D I know it sounds inconsequential compared to, you know other stuff. But it makes me happy :)

Oh! I just remembered why non-lethal ghosts is the title :p
I've decided my stock room is haunted! By ghosts who just want to be noticed :) so they cut me with something just sharp enough to leave a mark but not quite sharp enough to do any real harm or to actually hurt, they just want attention!

Moral of the story? Be nice to your non-lethal stock ghosts or they might to decide to get your attention with a machete :)

ps I'm not usually quite this morbid...

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