Saturday, April 03, 2010

He said it himself!

His mind is boggled! Therefore he is not to be trusted.

"The mind, it boggles." Is just SUCH a funny phrase to me :) I giggle every time I read it! I's amoosed.

So... I'm not sure what I think of Ann Coulter right now. Obviously I like her more than all the other Liberal pundits/authors/talk show hosts/tv shows/celebrities/politicians in respect to her views. But I can't say as I agree in her racist attitude towards the Middle East, I would HATE to be stereotyped along with the Catholic priests molesting people or the KKK being all white-supremacy-ey because they are not an accurate representation of my beliefs and the radicals are not an accurate representation of joe-regular-muslim guy who says his prayers and loves his family.
But it is difficult not to judge people who let this INSANE group of reactionary assholes who are trying to take the Middle East back in time to enslave their women, murder the infidels and live in an effed up society. Its just mind boggling. If the Taliban had not been given the chance to give their grassroots effort some power perhaps they would not be able to murder people who don't help them or bomb European subway lines or stalk Danish cartoonists. I am not blaming them, its hard to say no to people who are offering to make your life a better one when you've just watched the Russians pull away and leave the country in disarray. But I also can't really blame the people who judge them. They are harbouring murderous, unstable, completely insane guys who are sending their women and children as suicide bombers. Its not right.
Then again, your average joe-muslim-guy who moved to Canada to give his family a better life and does NOT support the Taliban or Islamic extremism should not be heckled for his skin colour and religious beliefs.
Granted its hard to gauge how sympathetic the guy behind you in line for groceries is to terrorists. People don't respond favourably to that kind of questioning in most circumstances :p


P.S. my apologies if the discordant manner in which this post was written is confusing. I didn't edit and polish so much as type it all out before I lost interest and forgot what I was trying to say :p

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