Monday, October 17, 2011

12 hour school days

Well the past few days have certainly been busy... I've started to lose track of what day it is and they're all just blurring together so I only really remember particularly important events or situations and not really the date or time stamp involved. It's alarming but probably just a brain mechanism for coping because you hear people say it all the time when they're stressed.

A big breakthrough came in today though! I managed to ask a different professor in the faculty of a class I'm having difficulties with for help with an assignment, and the assignment due date got extended a full week! I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. :)

Been involved in one of my on-campus clubs... it's quite fun actually. Meeting new people, trying new things, learning fundraising ideas, padding my resume with volunteer hours. Good times!

Chatted with the ex today, things are going really well. So much of our dating relationship was based on a really strong friendship so it has been relatively straightforward stripping away the romantic part of it and going back to just being friends. Jealousy is still an issue, but that's not really a big surprise; it's only been a week after all. We'll both start seeing other people soon enough and we'll get over it.

The best discovery of today was the 5 cent candy section I found in the convenience store! Candy for the win as an essay writing aid...

So all in all, I'm getting by :)


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