Saturday, October 15, 2011


One of the weirdest things I've noticed about university campuses (aside from the penile art and impromptu martial arts practice on a grassy knoll) is the distinct lack of microwaves!! On a massive campus space with thousands of students, I literally know of only 4 microwaves! it almost feels like spotting a rare bird in the wild when you find a new one. I experienced this just the other day. There I was; looking for a good study spot on the management building, and I spied a familiar white, boxy shape in the corner of my eye. There it was, all innocent and inconspicuous looking, in some back corner of the study area so only the determined would find it! I crept up to it, not wanting to be too loud in case I shattered the illusion. But some poking and prodding confirmed my beliefs, there was indeed a new microwave! And I had discovered it! This of course led to frantic texts to friends, a discovery of this magnitude just had to be shared! My friends quickly dropped whatever they were doing and rushed to join me, there were hugs and tears and champagne bottles popped. Twas a joyous occasion for all :)

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