Friday, March 20, 2009

crazy wacky ice baby

Okay I've officially seen the weirdest/coolest/most annoying ice formations this year! I love you Canada <3 :)

Anywho, I guess you've decided not to forgive me. Which kinda sucks. A lot. But thats okay, we're not really that close anymore so its no longer the elephant in the room of every convo we have :p

Yet another thing for the conservative blogosphere to pounce on... Not me today though. I'm getting a little sick of it; when the majority of your blog posts become all about tearing down the opposition, you're only pulling them down to your level. Yes Liberals have stupid politics, yes some of them are stupid on their own and yes we all think they have the wrong ideology. But stop tearing them down and start promoting awesome stuff that the Tory's are doing. That will do much more good than just whining about the other side.

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