Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The World Around Me and The Truth Project

No, we wouldn't just accept it if it said you had to kill yourself at 65 to go to Heaven. Its faith. We believe that what is written in the Bible is true. Why? because there is solid historical evidence (secular and religious) that backs it and its writers up. Jesus fulfilled hundreds
of prophecies made hundreds of years before He was born. So no, we don't just accept everything that says "Christian" or "God" or "Jesus" on it. There is evidence, it makes sense. And yeah, we do have clearly defined parameters of what is right and what is wrong. Cuz God put those rules in place to protect us and give us the best life possible. Of the things God says is wrong; nothing good comes from them; being jealous: nothing good; swearing: nothing good; stealing: nothing good; sex before marriage: nothing good. You don't believe me? There are
tons of resources and books by people smarter than you and me put together (we're smart people, thats a lot of IQ points :)) who write them not just based on faith, but on actual, undisputed facts.

I doubt you and J were the only ones who recognized the seemingly "close-mindedness" of the program. Other people are just like you; afraid of confrontation and still a little confused. They may have been thinking the same thing and just didn't want to say anything like you. I have struggled with the homosexual and abortion questions too; my parents worked with people who've been raped and had abortions or kept the kid and you get mixed results. Its not my place to judge them or yours. Its all up to God because He knows their heart and their choices.

I'm just trying to show you a different point of view. I've had a lot of those types of questions before too.
Please don't get offended, I'm not attacking you or getting mad and I really like reading your blog and getting to know you.


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