Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So 10th new house here I come! :)
I'm actually really excited even though I'm moving even farther away from my school than I live now but I'm graduating this year so that won't be too too bad.
Its gorgeous! I cannot wait to move in! Plus we're going to own this house so I get to paint my room!
Everyone keep suggesting I paint it goth colours, in case you didn't know: I AM NOT A GOTH CHICK. Its nothing against them I just don't happen to be one and I do NOT want a boring depressing, black, room cuz thats BO-RING.

Anywho. Yeah. We're moving to this little hamlet like 4kms away from my city. Its like my city's Alaska lol. There in spirit just not geographically ;)

Anywho, I gotta go study before the bball game, talk to y'all later!

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