Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tres heureux

Oi, my head is so full of french I think it may explode but I got the thing I needed to get done FINI!!! Woot :) So thats good.

OMG I'm having a Batman Begins/Dark Knight movie night! I've invited a ton of friends (or at least most of them are friends) although some people have other things but it will still be fun :D G is coming so he'll finally see my house.

I have decided to boycott the use of any text language: "lol" "rofl" "lmao" "brb" "ttyl" ALL OF IT. I find myself using those more than real words to communicate my emotions and that is sad in and of itself therefore: NO MORE! I am triumphing :)

See, and as wonderful as life saving birds are. I would still rather choke on cereal than have a bird in my house. Those buggers are LOUD and INCESSANT.

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