Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow man, most people can't even keep who their having sex with quiet in the media let alone debilitating, potentially life threatening diseases. I'm impressed. Course now that she's not an MP and has no more political posturing to keep up; Stronach is going to be THE new breast cancer champion and goodness knows we don't have enough of those.
Please keep in mind, I am not completely insensitive to women (and the small percentage of men) who suffer from breast cancer; it sucks royally. But I am a strong opponent of feminism and thats what the breast cancer cause has turned into; you feel guilty for not donating/running/shopping/buying m&ms because then everybody's all like "*gasp* you hate women?!" and I just don't like that. There are lots of other cancers and diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis/disease which my grandfather has and I have a stronger emotional connection to) which do not recieve NEARLY as much attention as breast cancer merely because they are not championed by feminist celebrities like Oprah.
Case in point

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