Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just in case you were considering this...

DO NOT under ANY circumstances (unless you're a workout buff) volunteer to work out with someone and their personal trainer when they've been doing this for a year and this is your first time. Otherwise you will not be able to walk the next dxay. I totally wish I was just whining this much for dramatic effect. I'm not. DON DO IT!

And yeah... I'm officially allergic to cats and dogs. My eyes swell, my nose gets stuffed, I cough, I cry, its ugly. If I ever want to spend time with pets not scaly or submerged in water or both, I have to take an anti-histamine, a decongestant and eye drops. All two hours in advance. Its just not worth it lol. Unless I go horseback riding :) cuz that would totally be awesome.

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