Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life stuffs

Mmkay so tomorrow is my last exam (yay!!!) and then I am DONE high school.

I've been trying to find a second job lately, I already have one lined up for the summer but two would be optimal. I start at the one tomorrow :) just hostessing and bussing but hey, once I'm older I can waitress.

Things seem to be going alright lately... Parents are working and happy with that. I'm working and I hope I'll be happy with that. I get to sleep in most of the time :) My friends are doing pretty good although I really can't wait until I get my license and my parents let me drive to see them cuz they're too busy to drive me right now...

My room is almost set up, few more nails in the wall and I'll be all set...

Well this is getting kinda rambly so I guess I'll be done now... I'll write something more pithy later ;)


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