Friday, June 12, 2009

Raunchy Italian Dudes

What is with em eh?
I mean, its partly her fault for marrying him cuz he's a creep, but then there's the whole "I need to impress a good, respectable woman so she'll marry me and then I can do whatever the hell I want" syndrome that some politicians and other old dudes experience. Its disturbing...

Man, I think Raitt is the new Ruby Dhalla cuz seriously, this chick is NOT having a good week. Isotopes are sexy, I totally agree, but saying that to anyone other than like... a super understanding spouse or sister was a baaaaaad idea.
And another election?! Can't we just be confident in the Tories for another year or two? They're trying to deal with a recession, that isn't their fault, cut them some slack. Lets not throw another several hundred million dollars into a freaking election when we're trying to pull bailout money out of thin air. Honestly, shake your head around people, what does it sound like? eeeeemmmmppppttttyyyyy.


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