Friday, December 29, 2006

Bye Saddam!

See now this is a double edged sword. I have never liked him, ever. Not even once. And he has done some really, really REALLY heinous stuff in his life, but God says "You shall not murder."
Does that make us any better than Saddam? Does that make us any higher on the pedastal than him? We return violence and cruelty with violence and cruelty. But he doesn't seem to have any remorse over his past actions, he's just all "Boo ya I get to be a martyr!" not exactly a repentant attitude. It's not a black and white issue that's for sure...
Check this out - Iraq the Model its' good... read the comments, some of them I agree with, others not so much.


*Die another day - Madonna*


Dan Kauffman said...

Does that make us any better than Saddam?
We didn't feed him still alive into a wood chipper. That was one of Saddam and his boys ways to while away an evening.

You really equate a judicial execution to the brutal reign of terror, horror and brutality that those three subjected the Iraqi people to?

Leann said...

it does say in the bible that if some one kills some one they are to be put to death to.unless it was an attcident.well we know the butcher of bagdad did things and not by attcidenth.he is or was a evil man and so were his sons.the world is a better place with out people like them.the Lord says we most love people and pray for them.but it doesnt say we have to like them.Jesus loved the old boy but I know he surely didnt like him.I dont even think his mother liked saddam.if the old boy didnt recieve Jesus before he hung then he is in a hotter climit then he left now.did you know he is spoken of in the bible?I cant recall just the book now but it tells of him being found in that hole and how he looked when found.the Lord knows the end from the begining.thanks for puting those places for news on your post.have a good night and God bless.come check out my blog if you get time.