Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh well, Harper tried.

Guess that didn't work out. But that twit Bill Graham was wrong, the last vote the House had on this issue was controlled, meaning the MPs were voting the way their party leaders told them to vote. This was the first real vote they had and the twerps only won by 52 votes, and considering there were 298 votes cast, that's not a lot.
Bye the way, for anyone wondering, I am against same-sex marriage. Homosexuality is immoral, (keep your comments to yourself on this one Delta) the so-called homosexuals are not immoral, their actions are. Its like stealing (I'm not putting you up there with criminals, its an example), the action is immoral not the person. So yeah, I've met some very nice people, I'm related to one of them, who practice homosexuality and I don't think they're immoral. Anyway, I'm either going to be critisized mercilessly or agreed with or both for this so bring it on.

Peace out,

*Like a Racecar - Hawk Nelson*

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