Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rehearsal Last Night

Oh my gosh, that was so much freaking fun!!! We did a quick run through, Daisy and I were cold so we huddled under her jacket and Tim's jacket because he saw that she was cold and gave it to her. Then the party really started, Daisy, Mandie and Charis got the new information surrounding Jess' new boyfriend and we stole a lot of food... Seriously, everyone was upstairs so Daisy and I grab the Bugles and the chocolate and made a break for the basement, slowly other people start coming down (only 3 people) and Daisy and I were betting to see how long it would take Tim to come downstairs looking for her (only 3 min. 4 tops. He's been flirting with her mercilessly lately, its so much fun to watch). Then Jessica came down... followed by Tim and Adam (Adam likes Jessica). Then, we took the bugles and the chocolates back upstairs because everyone had come downstairs (I swear we were the party starters last night!) and that lasted for a little while, then Mandie and Charis joined us and we sang along to sappy Mandy Moore songs for awhile. Then after most of the people had left the cool ones were downstairs sitting in the air hockey room. Adam, Jessica, Daisy, Mandie, Nathan John, Charis and yours truly. We were playing with each other's cell phones and then the candy cane war started. We were all pelting each other with mini candy canes it was sweet.
Well, I have to go find news, talk to y'all later!


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