Saturday, December 30, 2006


Dan Kauffman said...

Does that make us any better than Saddam?
We didn't feed him still alive into a wood chipper. That was one of Saddam and his boys ways to while away an evening.

You really equate a judicial execution to the brutal reign of terror, horror and brutality that those three subjected the Iraqi people to?

No, I'm not equating us with Saddam and his folk. And yes, killing him probably was the best thing for absolutely everybody but its still sad that one person can sink so low, I guess his martyr chances are pretty slim, even if he did become a Christian, he still didn't die because of it. Well, the Iraqi people must be happy, Saddam's "henchmen" are confused and have no clue what to do and people everywhere are wondering "What next?". Dan and Leann, thanks for your comments, they gave me something to think about.


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