Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is interesting... now those who regularly read my stuff are probably expecting me to go off on some rant about what a twit this particular professor is but I'm not. I'll wait while you scrape your jaw off the keyboard. No, not because I'm not in a ranting mood (I don't think I'm ever in a non-ranting mood...) but because its interesting. When people are being undeniably twerpish then I feel justified in my rants but I don't think this guy its being entirely twitlike.
There could be a whole host of reasons for him attending this conference, he coudl be under terrorist threats, he could be going because he hates all the people at his school and wants to outrage them all. He coul be going because he really does think that the Holocaust was made up or he could be going because he's curious. Heck, if someone handed me a ticket I'd probably go, its interesting to hear other people's sides of the story. While I probably wouldn't agree with anything these people say, I'd have fun openly mocking them...
Yes, the Holocaust did happen, yes 6 million Jews were killed in World War II and yes Israel was, is and forever will be. Why? Because Israel is God's chosen nation, they're gonna be around for awhile so get used to it. Anyways, I found this really interesting, rants about Bush huh? Sounds a little like me... *smiles* I'll talk to y'all later,

peace out

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Anonymous said...

Your ranting now.... :P


zhen said...

So you can read! Wow, or maybe you just looked at the largest post, skimmed it and jotted a short note... Anyways, I'll teach you to link on Friday, see you then.