Monday, December 25, 2006


Good haul this year... *laughs* jking jking. Anyways, my Christmas was great, I loved every second of it, I got to spend Christmas Eve with some of my closest friends and I got to spend Christmas morning w/my family. Life's good y'all. Aparently Delta's goin thru a rough time with girls... I think I know who he's talking about too.

Tell me how your Christmas was!!!


*Beethoven - Fur Elise*


zhen said...

Yo! Where are my comments??? I'm feeling a little abandoned here pplz. Nobody likes me anymore, is that it? Well, I'm gonna go sit in a corner and look pretty. Not that any of YOU GUYS care! Peace,


Leann said...

check out my blog and read my christmas story its too long to put here.