Monday, August 18, 2008

chillin in the capital

Started with Plane ride 1
I get on almost last (don't ask why) and I'm in the window seat so i got two guys to my right. One is a nice kid; from Trinidad, younger than me, nice, he's cool. The dude next to him is this 18 year old from NFLD who already has a beer belly and was completely and totally inebriated ( this is a 3 1/2hr flight, it doesn't wear off).
How did Nicolas (trinnie kid) and I know he was drunk? He reeked of it, slurred his speech almost beyond intelligibility and kept forgetting what he said before and repeating himself. He got a great kick out of the fact that i knew he was born and raised in Fort McMurray; how did I know? he told us 4 minutes before and he'd already forgotten.
So after the plane gets into the air, buddy is done like dinner; he's completely conked. Unfortunately for Nicolas though, buddy likes to spppprrrrreeeeeaaaaddd out when he sleeps... Suffice to say a good portion of our flying time was spent shoving him off of us.
Nick was cool though, we listened to my iPod, I asked him about Toronto (where he lives) and he ridiculed my music (little punk).

Then on Plane ride 2, i sleep the whole duration.

We land. We take the bus to down town ottawa. Check into hotel. Visit Carleton University. Chat with lady I know. eat. Leave.

Then we went on a long forray in search of food ending at an Irish pub (of which there seem to be an abundance of in Ottawa) and then we went shopping.
WOOT, i got new clothes!

SO yeah... now we're just chillin... anywho, not that y'all cared but that's okay.

Love you! Bye now!

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