Sunday, August 17, 2008


fabulous weekend thusfar, went to the batting cage and got massive blisters. But I actually hit the ball a few times so its all good
went to J's goodbye party; stayed out til 2am lol, it was fun though, we went to BPs and ate and talked and stuff.
Today I went to M and As after church and they pulled out the guitars so some of us just started singing and it was a blast. I haven't sung like that in awhile, my chords are shot lol.
But maria gave me food cuz I had to leave early so it was a lot of fun, I wish I didn't have to leave.
And i'm not going to see everybody again until Sunday next week cuz I'm going to ottawa tonight (WOOOOT).
Well I hope work is good, maybe some friends will stop by...
Anywho gotta finish packing, love y'all!

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