Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mama Mía and 13 months and ottawa

So work was fabulous today, not too busy, not too dead. There were funny people working and it was just a good day in general. I was really happy and I had fun.
Then Mom picked me up and we decided (through some sort of shared periodic brain freeze moment) to go see Mama Mía... yeah... That's a bad movie. Don't get me wrong, the singing and songs are awesome, I loved the voice of one of the actresses. On the other hand, it was the cheesiest, most 70's devoted, glitteriest, weirdest, most gay movie EVER. I definitely would not see it again but it was a fun night with Mom.
So yeah, not gonna say what the 13 months is about cuz I'm a good person but it was pretty funny. Oh and hickies can be really dangerous things, at least if they're not in hard to see places cuz omg did one of the girls at work have a weird coloured neck this evening... :p
WOOOT Ottawa pretty soon! Its so exciting and trepidation inducing. I really want to get into this university and get out and do what I love to do but I have to pin point exactly what I love doing. I know it when I'm doing it but I gotta harness that into a life goal lol... Oh well. i'll figure it all out soon enough.

love y'all, ttyl!

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