Monday, August 25, 2008

teehee boredd

Name: Caitrin
Date of Birth: August 27
Birthplace: here
Current Location: still here lol
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark blonde
Height: 5’7
Heritage: Danish, Scottish
Piercings: 4
Tattoos: None.


Band/Singer: I like everything
Song: everything
Movie: too many
Disney Movie: aladdin
TV show: Gilmore girls
Color: blue & yellow
Food: I’m not picky
Pizza topping: yum pizza
Ice-Cream Flavor: … everything
Drink (alcoholic): baileys hot chocolate or champagne
Soda: diet pepsi
Store: ………… none?
Clothing Brand: None
Shoe Brand: none
Season: fall
Month: august!
Holiday/Festival: christmas
Flower: birds of paradise or orchids
Board game: monopoly or murder mystery
This or That : defs this
Sunny or rainy: sunny
Chocolate or vanilla: both!
Fruit or veggie: Fruits
Night or day: twilight
Sour or sweet: pork chops!
Love or money: Love
Phone or in person: In person
Looks or personality: Personality
Coffee or tea: tea gotta love it
Hot or cold: Cold


Goal for this year: save to my goal, finish senior year
Best physical feature: I dunno
First thought waking up: mmm I love waking up in my own bed >_<
Hypothetical personality disorder: ADHD
Preferred type of plastic surgery: ew um I’ve never thought about it
Sesame street alter ego: bert or oscar. Maybe cookie monster
Fairytale alter ego: jasmine or ariel
Most stupid remark: ahahaha if only the modern mathematical principle could accommodate such a figure
Worst crime: being selfish, at the undeniable pain and expense of the people I love
Greatest ambition: damn I should really think about that huh?
Greatest fear: I dunno… rejection maybe?
Darkest secret: dunno
Favorite subject: social and dance
Strangest received gift: … hmmm… I dunno. I’m pretty lucky with gifts
Worst habit: I talk constantly and I’m so easily distracted

Do You:
Smoke: Nope
Drink: not very often
Curse: more than I should
Shower daily: usually every other day
Like thunderstorms: woot
Dance in the rain: absolutely
Sing: Yes.
Play an instrument: not very well
Get along with your parents: most days.
Wish on stars: not usually
Believe in fate: Always.
Believe in love at first sight: no, infatuation at first site? Yes.

Can You:
Drive: not legally lol
Sew: mmhmm
Cook: a little
Speak another language: enough to get around (espanol)
Sing: Yes.
Touch your nose with your tongue: close
Whistle: Yup.
Curl your tongue: yess

Have You Ever:
Been Drunk: no
Been Stoned/High: No.
Eaten Sushi: Yummy
Been in Love: no
Skipped school: no
Made prank calls: yes
Sent someone a love letter: yuck
Stolen something: not intentionally… maybe.
Cried yourself to sleep: nope

Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? Hmm… having no opinion.
Are you right or left handed? Leftie woooot
What is your bedtime? When I’m tired
Name three things you can't live without: family, friends, music
What is the color of your room? Well the wall is beige but everything else on there is colourful
Do you have any siblings? Yep
Do you have any pets? Yes.
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Naw
What is you middle name? Lane
What are you nicknames? Caitie, K-train, Bird
Are you for or against gay marriage? I respect the love homosexuals have for each other, but marriage is an institution reserved for one man and one woman.
What are your thoughts on abortion? WWJD
Do you have a crush on anyone? Not rly
Are you afraid of the dark? Not rly
How do you want to die? Being shot or drowning
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? Two or three
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? In a heart beat

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