Friday, August 22, 2008

home sweet home

So on wednesday we went to the university of ottawa (GORGEOUS CAMPUS!!) and after quite a lot of floundering and trying to figure out where the heck I was going; I got to talk to a faculty lady named Anne. Anne told me... a lot. But she explained the program I wanted to get in to, she explained a bit about the co-op program and she explained about the internships in other countries.
Then I went and looked at campus housing (always a trepidacious experience) which was nice and I think I like uOttawa better than Carleton.

And then mom and I went a little crazy in the campus bookstores, I got a sweater, a shirt and a mug from uOttawa and a sweater, a pair of shorts, a pair of capris and a water bottle from Carleton. It was fun :p.

So I bought Twilight on Monday, finished it on Tuesday. Bought New Moon on Wednesday, finished it Wednesday night. Bought Eclipse on Thursday, finished it Thursday night. Keep in mind that the size of these books ranges between 500-600 pages... I was slightly obsessed lol. And now I have to get Breaking Dawn, or wait until my birthday... one or the other lol.

Speaking of birthday!!! I'm turning 16 in 5 days!!!!! Except technically only 4 cuz i'll stay up until 12:13am(my time of birth lol) on Tuesday night.

Okey dokey well I have to go get packed for the wedding tomorrow (I bought a pretty dress for it and everything!) so ttyl!

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