Saturday, November 15, 2008

computer guru

Man I think I should start a television series focused on my laptop. Its really taught me a lot about life, patience being one of the virtues explored especially when I want to turn the thing off.

First it has to rid itself of all bad things and usher in the new so it makes sure I've updated all my applications and if I don't feel like doing it; it just does it for me.
Then it has to recount the hectic day of surfing/homework/banking/emailing/music&tv show playing. All that activity really takes its toll on a hard drive eh? So she needs to make sure that everything has been saved and given proper consideration. She needs a little massage about this point to relax.
Then of course she needs to get herself into a zen-like trance state where she can completely erase all other thoughts and just power down without any lingering bad thoughts or difficulties. This is a very time sensitive procedure because if she is closed before completing the sleep ritual, she can't sleep all night and is left stressed and uncooperative in the morning and nobody likes a cranky laptop right?

Yes, I really have learned from my laptop the importance of a complete power down and relaxation time before achieving a really decent night's rest...


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And you think i'm crazy.
You have to love them.