Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its getting a little twilife zoney

Somali pirates are taking over the freaking world!
<3 it... I wish I was cool enough to be a Somali pirate... seriously, imagine putting that on your resume. Right along with "mad ninja skills" or "can do fifteen back flips in one go"... I'd make a great circus resume fabricator...

Have you ever wondered if you are the very first person to have a particular conversation or say something? Cuz you say it and then wonder "could anyone else on the planet even have a mind that twisted? could I have been the very first person ever to say that?" Its rather depressing how often that thought enters my mind actually. Probly just cuz I'm narcissistic like that but hey, I can spell narcissistic without spell check so there's gotta be something worth being obsessed with.

So I'm taking biology 30 right now and no word of a lie, Biology 30 is just a 5 month long sex-ed class. Thats it. Thats all. Thats all all is.
I mean don't get me wrong, its interesting stuff but honestly, there's nothing left to learn about rocks or plants or anything anymore? Thats it? We just gotta study how to make babies? Yeah... its good times.

I know this is definitely not the funniest post I've done in awhile but I'm tired and my mouth hurts but HEY! I GOT FANGS OUT OF THE DEAL!!! WOOT!!!
Yeah... they're these funky little orthodontic instruments sent directly from a special circle of hell to torture poor, innocent people who had the misfortune of having crooked teeth. Basically they're these little elastics that stretch between a loop on one of the brackets on a two top teeth and two brackets on lower teeth. The cool part is; they're placed right where my incisors would be if I was a canine and not a homo sapien so when I smile I look like a vampire. Pretty handy for the creeps who stare at me on transit no?
Course then somebody takes a picture of me doing that and suddenly I'm all over those tabloids that say Elvis is the reincarnation of Jesus and why the hell hasn't the earth ended yet cuz we've been forecasting it for YEARS!?! ... yeah. Its cool to be me.

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