Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rubber Chickens and Sledge Hammers and Grad Pics!

Okay so has anyone here had a cavity filled lately? Well if you haven't I'll just fill you in, first they inject the anaesthetic which believe me hurts like hell. Then they put this weird rubber thing over your mouth. You know on doctor shows when they show surgeries and there's a blue cloth covering everything but where the doctors are working? Yeah. I had a smaller purple version of that put over the lower half of my face. By then of course I feel like my cheek is a rubber chicken and its a pretty odd sensation trust me. Then they use this little whirring instrument that sounds like R2D2 to "clean the area" and then another one that sounds like a jack hammer to "prepare the area". Then they put a whole but of weird pasty things on it and shined a blue light on them every once in awhile mostly cuz it looks cool I'm guessing.
So yeah once they finished I couldn't move my mouth or speak without sounding and looking like a drooling idiot. It was very attractive I assure you.

My friend gets paid to wield a sledge hammer. I'm so friggin jealous.

WOOOOOOOOOOT Grad photos soon!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Gotta get my hair cut... :(

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