Sunday, November 16, 2008

epic fail

Man, I am dense... Really dense.
I mean, I'm cute and pretty smart but I'm dense.
I forgot to not get attached, it didn't work the first... second... third... or fourth times lol. It really isn't going to work this time. I suck at listening to my own advice... Or anybody else's for that matter.

Woot work was awesome last night, I loved it! I made tips and W loves me (even though I'm weird I still keep her entertained) and K and I danced and A and the manager kept trying to undo the bow on my dress... losers.
But all in all it was a really good night, I liked it.
Plus tonight I'll see everyone again :D

Youth sleepover coming up! Yay! I don't think it will end up the same last years did... Its just a hunch. But D and R and I will find a corner to set up in, play twister and spongebob monopoly and watch movies. It'll be great >_<

So i've been looking a lot at scholarships lately and its scary stuff. I am so not ready lol...

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